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This 2085ha property situated at the foot of the Bamboesberge Mountain range offers exceptional grazing. The mountain plataues and the Northern slopes consist of sweet grasveld mainly “rooigras” and other good grasses. The Southern slopes are mostly sweet sour grassveld. ±700ha sweet karoo/doring veld. Most of the area can be reached quite easily with a 4×4 and the road can be extended to reach all over.

The farm is divided into 30 camps all with water. Fencing is in need of maintenance. Water is from a spring high in the mountain and submersible pump feeds water to the camps and house by self-gravitation. Different veld types are fenced which plays an important role in effective veld management.

A large weir enable water to be lead to what was lucern land that can be re-established.

This farm has been carrying up to 300 breeding cows (Beef type) and this can be comfortably extended with sheep and goats. In addition also carrying a large number of game, including Blesbok, Hartebees, black wildebeest, springbok and impala form part of the deal.

A large traditional homestead that has been renovated but offers great potential situated in pleasant peaceful environment, together with garages, equipped coldroom, slaughter facilities, shearing shed and stock handling facilities. All of this makes for an exciting investment opportunity for the serious investor.

This property has been farmed from a distance for the last 20 years but from the records it is clear that this has been an elite farm in the yester years waiting to be restored to its former glory days.