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Size of farm is 1158HA.
The farm is very sheltered and perfect for winter grazing. The grazing is much sweeter than most farms in Ida. It is also the last farm on the river with water rights. if this farm is purchased you will have the whole river.
Main dwelling has 4 bedrooms, 2 lounges, kitchen, pantry, 2 bathrooms with outbuildings garage, meat room, office, laundry store room etc. All have Eskom. Second dwelling use as staff housing and it has solar power. Third dwelling also used as staff accommodation but no power. At the main dwelling there are 3 big sheds, cattle & sheep handling facility’s as well as a spry race for cattle.
The farm has a river(Mbokotwa) flowing through the middle of it and boundaries on the Tsomo river on the bottom end. The farm has 19 fenced camps and has 5 ha under permanent irrigation, there is a further 24 ha river lands that can be irrigated, there are also 2 cement weirs across the river as well as a big dam that can also be used for irrigation. There is also + / – 82 Ha of dry lands. The farm has plenty of water because of the 2 rivers.